Delaware Valley Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society
Androsace barbulata, Adonis amurensis, Saxifraga burseriana, Clematis addisonii, Fritillaria pallida, 
  Campanula portenschlagiana 'Resholdt's Variety', Pulsatilla sp.


Join DVC-NARGS to explore the world of alpine and rock gardening. Our interests include true alpine plants, dwarf shrubs, woodland and native plants, bulbs, and more. We are a group of enthusiasts eager to share our interests, knowledge, and plants.

The first year's membership is free, so there's no risk to joining. After that, membership costs only $15 per year for an individual or $20 per year for a household. Membership includes the following benefits:

  • Six to eight fascinating and informative talks on a range of gardening topics, with emphasis on rock gardening
  • Tours of select gardens, most of them not open to the public
  • A plant show
  • Two members-only plant sales

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Join our parent organization, the North American Rock Garden Society, to take gardening to another level. You will get a subscription to the Rock Garden Quarterly, access to rare seeds at low cost in the seed exchange, and other benefits. To join our parent organization, visit the NARGS membership page.
Saponaria x oliviana

Saponaria x oliviana (soapwort), a hybrid of Saponaria pumilio and Saponaria caespitosa. Photographed in Philadelphia on May 6, 2010, by Janet Novak.