Delaware Valley Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society
Bletilla striata, Saxifraga oppositifolia, 
  Saxifraga callosa ssp. catalaunica, Daphne x transatlantica, Anthyllis montana, Androsace sarmentosa, Tetraneuris herbacea

DVC-NARGS at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Our 2014 Exhibit:
A Gardener's Palette: Rock Garden Plants from Around the Globe

The exhibit is in the form of an artist's paletter. The paint spots are represented by hypertufa troughs on pedestals. Each trough features small but prized plants from a single continent. These plants thrive in the good drainage and protective environment that troughs offer. An additional trough features saxifrages, beautiful but challenging plants that need special care and superb drainage. As in many rock gardens, the troughs are integrated into the landscape with gravel gardens.

our flower show exhibit

Our exhibit at the 2014 Flower Show.

The Plants

Rock garden plants are small, but they often have full-size flowers, making them the jewels of the garden. Our exhibit includes more than 100 different types of plant. Download the plant list.

hypertufa troughs

Lewisia 'George Henley' in the North American trough.

Hypertufa Troughs

Over a hundred years ago, gardeners in England discovered that stone troughs, used centuries ago to water and feed animals, make excellent homes for small rock garden plants. Over time, they became scarce and expensive, so gardeners developed hypertufa substitutes. Hypertufa is a variation on concrete, made of cement mixed with peat moss or other natural material, and not difficult to craft. More information on trough-making can be found on the NARGS web site.

hypertufa troughs

Gardens in miniature: hypertufa troughs. In the foreground is the Asian trough.

Our Designer

Our designer, Betsy Knapp, also designed our award-winning displays in the 2012 and 2013 Flower Shows. Betsy is an active member of the North American Rock Garden Society and the outgoing chair of her local chapter. She lives in Rochester, NY, where she designs and installs gardens and rock walls and sells her hypertufa troughs (Betsy Knapp Hypertufa).