Delaware Valley Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society
Bletilla striata, Saxifraga oppositifolia, 
  Saxifraga callosa ssp. catalaunica, Daphne x transatlantica, Anthyllis montana, Androsace sarmentosa, Tetraneuris herbacea

Plant Sale Volunteers, May, 2017

Volunteer to work our chapter tables at the Morris Arboretum Plant Sale. To sign up, email Sandy Vernick (preferred) or call her at 610-688-1086. Provide your full name, phone number, and email, along with the time slot(s) you want.

May 10
May 11
May 12
May 13
  12 to 2:30 PM
S. Vernick
H. Punnett
S. Solow
9:45 AM to 1 PM
M.A. Ulmann
J. Schmitt
K. Harrison
J. Grushow
9:45 AM to 1 PM
M. Smyth
H. Lightcap
J. Haas
1:30 to 4 PM
(Set-up only)
J. Novak
S. Vernick
J. Rifkin
J. Gyer
  1 to 4 PM
J. Rifkin
B. Mackey
P. Burns
1 to 4 PM
S. Vernick
J. Rifkin
J. Novak
  4:30 to 7:30 PM
L. Marcucci
C. Maher
4 to 7 PM
S. Solow
J. Novak


Volunteer for Chapter Activities

The chapter is seeking volunteers to write articles for our newsletter, The Dodecatheon. If interested, contact the editor, Joan Haas.

The chapter is also seeking volunteers to help with plant sales. If interested, contact Janet Novak.


Campanula portenschlagiana 'Resholdt's Variety'
Campanula portenschlagiana 'Resholdt's Variety' (Dalmatian bellflower) growing between the stones of a rock wall. Photographed May 6, 2010, by Janet Novak.